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I am a visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, where I supervise some PhD students. I use this webpage to make available some of my working papers and distribute additional teaching material developed for use with my "Behavioural Finance" book.

Behavioural Finance

My textbook on Behavioural Finance is

  • Behavioral Finance (Wiley) 2009

    and the the Instructor section of the book's Website is

  • Behavioral Finance Instructors' Website (Wiley) 2009

    My research is largely in the area of behavioural perspectives on accounting and finance too. I give some examples below.


  • Review of Hersh Shefrin's "Behavioural Risk Management" Journal of Risk Management Vol, 17, No 3, p 370-372.
  • Study on the remuneration provisions applicable to credit institutions and investment firms Prepared by the institute for financial services for European Commission DG JUST (Contract JUST/2015/MARK/PR/CIVI/0001) Report by Iff Institute based in Hamburg University headed by Professor Udo Refiner
  • Can heuristics aid financial-decision-making?- Bridging behavioural finance and psychology International Review of Financial Analysis , Volume 42, December 2015, pp 199-210, with Robert Hudson and Mona Soufian (Hull University Business School) and Len Skerratt (Brunel Business School).
  • Post earning-announcement drift in Greece Review of Pacific Basin Financial Policies and Markets , Volume 18, Number 3, September 2015, with George Giannonopoulos (Kingston Business School).
  • Financial regulation, collective cognition, and nation state crisis management: A multiple case study of bank failures in Germany, Ireland, and the UK. Journal of Risk Finance), Vol 16, Number 3, pp 284-302, with Jorg Prokop Oldenburg (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg) and Sheila O'Donaghue (Waterford Institute of Technology).
  • CEO pay in UK FTSE 100: pay inequality, board size and performance. models European Journal of Finance, 2014, with Lynn Hodgkinson (Bangor University) and Michael Pogue (University of Ulster, Jordanstown).
  • The explanatory power of representative agent earnings momentum models Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting, 2015, Vol 44, Issue 3, p 473-492, with Aloysius Igboekwu (Aberystwyth University).
  • Adapting financial rationality: Is a New Paradigm Emerging? (December, 2014, p 724-742, Critical Perspectives on Accounting) with Robert Hudson (Hull University) and Mona Soufian (Hull University).
  • Bernie Madoff and the creation and subversion of regulatory authority. models International Journal of Behavioural Finance and Accounting. Volume 4, Number 1, 2013, pp 74-91.
  • No conflict, No interest: On the economics of conflicts of interests in analysts forecasts. European Journal of Law & Economics, June 2013, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 327-348
  • Governing a financial Order that has been grown and not made with Ruth King (Loughborough School of Business and Economics)
  • Greek evidence on post-earnings announcement drift: Old empirical tests in a new theoretical bottle. with Len Skerratt and George Yiannopoulos (Loughborough and Kingston Universities respectively).
  • The boys in the bubble and its aftermath: Internet entrepreneurs and stock market value
  • The Boys in the bubble: The making of E-entrepreneurs with Ruth King (Loughborough).

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